How I Became Scribed. 

I got my start as a writer when I was a skatepark youth minister at 16. 

Writing sermons required good rhetorical and compositional skills. So everyday after high school, I went to my local Barnes & Noble and read books. Philosophy books were my prime interest, but eventually my curiosity led me to literature, poetry, psychology, theory, cultural studies, and books on how to write. 

Like Strunk & White's Elements of Style and Aristotle's Poetics and Rhetoric

Eventually I discovered that I really loved writing. In college, after a quick stint in the Mathematics department (I was truly "into" everything), I decided on an English and Religion double major. 

That led to my first real writing job: editor-in-chief of the college newspaper. 

I took this role seriously. I wanted to modernize the newspaper and keep it from extinction. 

So my staff and I built the newspaper's first website. We also restructured the print issue's format, working out a deal with the city's local newspaper to use their presses at a discount. 

During the summer of my junior year, I accepted an internship at L'abri in Switzerland. Once there, I worked as an assistant editor for Dr. Greg Laughery. I learned some things about the publishing industry (and that Switzerland's nature is perhaps the closest thing to paradise). 

When I returned from Switzerland, I took up an internship at an advertising agency. I learned the fundamentals of content marketing, SEO, keyword research, and blogging metrics. 

When I graduated I became a full-time copywriter at the same agency. That was when everything started to click in place. The copywriting was becoming easier, the content marketing ideas were making sense, the blog articles were feeling more fluent. 

I saved my money from the agency job, took two years off, and traveled the world. 

I wanted to learn more practical skills (after nearly ten years of working on my brain and writing). So as I traveled in Europe, India, Southeast Asia, Oceania, and South America, I worked on farms and practiced sustainable living. 

I came back to the States, because I wanted to return to my career. I know the right thing for me now is to advance my writing skills, taking them as far as they can go. 

Hopefully, you can help me with that. 

Contact me here if you want to work together: 


This is what we call, collaboration. Making adobe bricks in Thailand.